Giving birth can be a natural, empowering and rewarding experience

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Queen's Centre for Health offer effective hypnobirthing classes for mums-to-be and their partners.

Hypnobirthing Specialists

Samantha and Nicola are trained easibirthing (TM) hypnobirthing practitioners and use hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods to prepare you for a calm and wonderful childbirth.

Giving birth

In the Western world, childbirth is often seen as a medical condition rather than a natural and amazing experience. We may even go as far to say that it is seen as an ordeal: a punishing marathon where the woman is fraught with anxiety and anger. But in other cultures it is seen as a natural and normal event.

So why the dichotomy? Well it seems the media has subjected us to the horrors of childbirth, conditioning us be fearful and therefore expect extreme pain.

This is where we come in! Through a variety of techniques our aim is to de-condition this erroneous belief, help you feel more positive about your birth and expect a more centred and controlled labour.

How it works

Queens Centre for Health offer Hypnosis for Childbirth classes in West Essex and Central London on a regular basis. The course is over a period of 4 weeks with each session lasting 2 hours.

During this time we introduce to our hypnobirthing model and cover powerful and effective relaxation techniques in order to help you feel more calm centred and in control.

We will also be including anxiety management techniques, information about the different stages of labour and some preparation for parenthood (the most important stage of all!)

The ideal time to commence is around 27-33 weeks, which is during your third trimester but still allows adequate time to finish the course before full term. However, there is much that can be achieved with very little time remaining, and some mums even prefer to start a little sooner.

We encourage your birthing partner to attend each session in order to help you more during your labour.

We also offer one-to-one sessions which consists of five sessions lasting approximately 90 minutes. This is not compulsorily however and we are happy to be flexible with your personal needs and requirements.

The aims of our hypnobirthing course:

A flexible approach

Even though we promote the idea of using hypnosis to achieve a more calm and confident childbirth, we are in no way anti hospitals, intervention or drugs. We welcome everyone through our doors including those who would like a natural childbirth at home to those who choose an elective c-section.

Hypnosis for childbirth does however reduce the need for intervention and helps manage discomfort effectively.

Samantha herself has given birth and used hypnosis effectively for the entire birthing process; three quarters of which no medical pain relief (including gas and air) was used. It also helped her immensely during those first few months of parenthood and it very proud to say she has a calm and happy baby.

We are very realistic and understand sometimes a woman's birth is taken out of her control so our approach is to help you feel more calm centred and in control no matter what happens externally. Hypnobirthing, however, helps you to have the birth you really want and visualise!


The price for the whole month's course compromising 8 hours of tuition is £195 per person and £295 per couple. This price runs in line with other popular antenatal classes. Included in the price is our fantastic Calm Childbirth MP3 download, to be used at home (and during labour and birth if appropriate) to help anchor positive messages.

Please contact us for prices on our one-to-one sessions stating the location of the clinic you would prefer to attend.

Next course starting beginning of September! Exact date tbc. Please email us to register your interest.

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