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Free ME Audio (MP3 Download)

Free ME is a brand new meditation 3 part download especially developed for those who suffer from ME/CFS. The recordings aim to show sufferers how to release self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, that can prevent recovery, through meditation and self-hypnosis.

Original Release Date: June 30 2011

Format: Audio MP3

Also available to purchase on: iTunes | Amazon | cdbaby

Product Information:

Audio 1: This is an information based 50 minute track where Samantha and Nicola explain in detail the common personalities shared between those with the condition and the negative patterns of thinking, including the perfectionist and consuming drive to achieve, gain approval or help others. They also share their own stories of recovery to show you that it is absolutely possible to recover completely from this condition and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Audio 2: This consists of a 50 minute, gentle and deeply soothing Inner Child meditation. This calming and relaxing meditation will help to calm the system down and it will enable sufferers to learn how to talk to themselves more kindly, whilst allowing physical and emotional healing to occur at a very deep level.

Audio 3: This consists of 3 mini meditations, specifically designed for the three most common personality types; The Achiever, The Helper and The Approval Seeker. Each mini meditation is 20 minutes long and tailored to the needs of each different personality type. These make wonderful, daily meditations and depending on how you are feeling, you can choose which one will suit you best.

Music: All guided meditations on this CD include gentle and calming background music to accelerate healing. All tracks have been professionally recorded to the highest quality.

Sound: The audio download is compatible with any device that suports MP3's but is best listened to via your iPod or mp3 player with earphones on for maximum effect.

IMPORTANT: Do not listen to hypnosis recordings whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

Disclaimer: These recordings are not designed to be listened to by anyone suffering from epilepsy or severe mental health issues, including psychosis. The information and guidance given by Nicola Haslett and Samantha Redgrave-Hogg are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. If you are unsure of the suitability of these recordings in anyway, please consult a medical practitioner before listening. It is especially important to seek advice from a medical practitioner in cases of mental health disorders or severe health conditions.

NOTE: You will need appropriate Zip file software to download the folder and extract the audio file. Most computers already have this; however software can be downloaded for free e.g. 7-Zip or WinZip if needed.

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Free ME Audio (MP3 Download)

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